Already a diver?

If you already have a dive qualification, from whichever agency, you will still be able to join our Club. Gwynedd Sub Aqua Club members have a range of qualifications and experience ranging from Ocean divers right through to First Class divers.There are a number of experienced, qualified instructors to actively promote your training and develop your skills to an excellent standard. All the courses are progressive and taken at a pace suitable to your needs. As we are affiliated to BSAC all the courses and training materials will be BSAC.
If you have a recognised qualification you do not have to do any cross-over or further training (unless you want to!) 
It doesn't matter who you trained with (recreational, commercial or military), if you've never dived in the UK before or if you haven't dived for a few seasons - all are very welcome - please join us!

Other agency qualifications & BSAC Diver grades

Instructors from other agencies

We do a variety of diving across all levels of skills and experience. We include decompression/ADP, deep wreck dives in addition to reefs and shallower diving. Theres something for everyone. If you have a dive qualification but havent dived for a while please get in touch and we can start you back on track with a tailored approach to suit you and the type of diving you are wanting to achieve. 

CLICK HERE for more detailed information on skills
comparisons for divers crossing over from PADI, SSI, SSAC and SAA

Not sure? Guest divers may come along and dive with the Club up to five times before deciding to join. You will need proof of your diving qualification and an up to date log book.  

Want to join?

The cost of joining the Club is £82.00 per annum in addition to your BSAC subscription fee.
Gwynedd Sub Aqua Club welcomes all (minimum age is 12) participants aged under 18 need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.
BSAC training materials (Diver grade training packs, Skill Development courses) are at additional cost (purchased by the Club from BSAC)

Please contact us for more information.

Gwynedd SAC on Anglesey

Gwynedd SAC dive Scapa Flow