About Us

Amongst us there are 3 First Class divers, 2 National Instructors, 5 Advanced Instructors, 11 Advanced Divers and 8 Open Water Instructors. This gives us access to a vast knowledge base and practical experience which allows the club to provide training to the highest standards and grades affiliated with BSAC. We arrange sea dives at least once a week during March to September. Pool training and theory lessons for new trainees primarily run from September to March.

We meet at least once a week all year round for diving, after we've de-kitted and dried off we always head to a local pub somewhere afterwards for a drink.. er I mean de-brief!!  The Club also plans trips further afield such as around Scotland, Gozo and the Red Sea to name a few!

Club Facilities:
Snorkelling kit and 6 aqualungs (Regs, cylinders, BC's) for pool training.
x2 6m Boats: Chinook "Sea Fury" RIB and Humber Ocean Pro with 130hp engine, GPS and echo-sounder.
Air compressor
Nitrox blending facilities
Oxygen kits (inc Oxygen Administration training kits)
First Aid training manikins 
AED and AED training equipment

Wanting to join?
The cost of joining the Club is £82 per annum in addition to your BSAC subscription fee.
Gwynedd Sub Aqua Club welcomes all (minimum age is 12) participants aged under 18 need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.
BSAC training materials (Diver grade training packs, Skill Development courses) are at additional cost (purchased from BSAC)